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Big Moves Happening on dogecoin ?

The San Jose Sharks will become the first NHL team to accept cryptocurrency Dogecoin as a payment option.

Recently, San Jose Sharks have officially announced to accept Dogecoin as a payment option. At the beginning of the 2021 , 2022 season in October, the sharks will accept Dogecoin as a payment option for season tickets, leases and partnerships. On June 7 2021, the president of San Jose Sharks Mr. Jonathan better officially confirmed this news on social media network Twitter, and said initially will accept cryptocurrency for season tickets, sweet leases and partnerships.
other use cases including single game tickets, F and B and verge will be evaluated over time because of the Dogecoin proactive community.

Increase the use of Dodge Quinn as a payment method

Now, many brands , companies , organizations are accepting Dogecoin as a payment option, because Doge has a huge community and no one wants to miss this chance to market their products brand by accepting Doge as a payment option. Regarding this on June 7, at it’s all risky, active Doge promoter tweeted celebrity endorsements of Dogecoin will only grow as more influencers and businesses recognize the formidable brand power and passionate community inherent in Doge, and the Doge army.

With more folks on Team Doge we grow stronger and more resilient as a coin and community. According to Greg memes Master, the amazing thing about Dogecoin is that one Doge will always equal one Doge that’s just another meme, but a true one. If you ever visit the Dogecoin community groups and channels across the social media networks, you’ll find out one interesting similarity in that they all don’t care about Dogecoin price, but care about Dogecoin memes.

Dogecoin profit

memes are like identification of the Doge community. If you take a look at other cryptos community groups and channels, you’ll find out community members sharing charts and trying to explain prices going to the moon. But most of the members left out the community and even after gaining enough profit, they take out their profits.

Well on the other side Dogecoin community investors only invest in Doge just to support Dogecoin price and enjoy memes regarding this on May 16. At it’s all risky tweeted community is one of the best parts about Dogecoin.

If you and I both like Doge then we can use it to exchange value as an internet currency. Dogecoin makes crypto fun and crypto needs to be fun, efficient, and easy if we want folks to use it.

Well on May 27, it’s all risky tweeted laughter is the fuel for the Dogecoin rise, laugh at us and get left behind. laugh with us and join us to the moon. This same point of view also elan Musk has about Dogecoin. On May 25 David Lee asked elan musk on Twitter. curious what are your thoughts on ethereum 2.0 cardano. What makes you choose Doge over them? elan musk replied to David Lee’s tweet and said Doge has dogs and memes, whereas the others do not. It’s pretty interesting that Elon Musk’s love for Doge is not for profit. He just really wants people to use it for purchasing goods and services and have fun. In short, the Doge community is well educated about cryptocurrency and they truly don’t care about the price of Dogecoin. This is the reason why in the recent market crash the price of Dogecoin remains quite stable as compared to other alt coins. Now the market is gradually recovering the chances for Dogecoin price to pump are now high. There are also rumors that elan Musk is going to announce big news for Dogecoin probably in the next few days. So this month for the whole Dogecoin community is going to be the best month ever. Recently, elan musk agreed with Vitalik on collaboration between ethereum and Dogecoin developers to improve Dogecoin scalability.

This news will also have a huge impact on Dogecoin price when the official announcement regarding collaboration will be made. Recently, elan musk commented on Vitalik buterin, co founder and CEO of ethereum interview about the Doge ether collaboration and said I pretty agree with vitalik. That clearly means Dogecoin and Ethereum developers will come close to solve the scalability issue and to make Dogecoin more efficient, scalable and secure.

On June 9 2021, Tim Cook tweeted, we can and should have a secure bridge for their to do so in due time, then the price will go to the moon. Well, everyone is pretty interested in collaboration, especially Doge community so we can expect collaboration sooner. On June 10 2021, an anonymous Twitter handle sir Doge of the coin, tweeted a picture of the Dogecoin meme and said, buy a $69,000 house , elan musk replied to anonymous Twitter handle sir Doge of the coin and commented, now that I’ve made some improvements, I’m pretty sure it’s worth $69,000 and laughed. Does this mean that elan musk holds Dogecoin worth $69,000? Or more than this? Well, yes, we’re sure Elon Musk owns at least more than $69,000 in Doge. Not only based on this recent tweet, but also many times in the past elan Musk said I own a big bag of Doge and won’t sell it in the future.

We’re sure Elan musk will add more Doge to his portfolio in the future to then support the Doge community.

Let’s talk about the Dogecoin future price. As we mentioned in our last video, Doge has huge support on 30 cents. Recently on June 9 2021, Dogecoin, almost touched the support area and then bounces back to 36 cents. Currently Dogecoin is trading between 34 and 35 cents, and we’re sure now Dogecoin price will continuously increase in the next few days. The whole market started recovering and we are hearing good news from everywhere. So according to our expectation now, the bear market has ended and we’re heading towards the bull market in the upcoming bull market. Doge has the potential to cross the recent all time high price of 75 cents.

Dogecoin price prediction

According to our team analysis. Based on the last 24 hours of Dogecoin price action. It is anticipated that Doge price will rebound as investors are getting back into the market after the recent market volatility, which led to panic sellers selling their coins. In the next few weeks, the price of Dogecoin will move faster upward than the historical average. Despite the current correction, the Dogecoin weekly chart is pointing to its potential growth.

According to our team expectations The Dogecoin price chart is showing an upward trajectory with consistent gains for investors in the next eight months. Well, elan Musk has had a big impact on Dogecoin He is the only reason why Dogecoin is where it is today.

According to our expectation Doge has the potential to cross $1 in the next few years, or even this regarding the $1 price prediction. One of the Dogecoin fan account Dogecoin x on May 3 tweeted enough with the $1 goal or Dogecoin to $1 thing, let’s ride the train to the moon and beyond. Let’s make $1 a milestone to achieve not an actual goal. If we can achieve $1 Why can’t we achieve higher than that? I really see high demands and potential in Dogecoin. Not only this, he also added if we all just secured 10% of the profits once we hit $1 we will be able to help Dogecoin maintain a certain floor otherwise it will tank we certainly agree with him. $1 is not a peak point. It’s just a hurdle

If Doge broke out of this hurdle we’re sure Doge has potentially to cross $5 or even $10 in future

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