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in this article we want to talk about the PI network and some issues in that,  I do want to mention that I’m a huge fan of the project. In general, however, I do believe that there’s some things that we can do to improve. Keep in mind that I’m not attacking the network in any way. But I’m simply suggesting some ways and that we can grow faster And this is going to be my personal opinion.

But I do think many of you guys are going to agree with what I’m about to say. we all want to see this organization become one of the biggest projects in the world.

 I do want to preface that I think it’s crazy that some people think that the pi network is a fraud or scam, you should know that everybody who joins us network will benefit in one way or another.

pi network

The problems that Pi Network had with it in the beginning

To start off, the company has faced a lot of adversity in the past from lawsuits resulting from interpersonal conflicts among the founders. In addition to this, the company was also about to run out of cash earlier on in the project. Today, the pi community is almost bigger than almost any other community out there.

some of the ways to pi network grow faster

we all want to see this project succeed. The first thing we think the pi network should do is to reach out and tell its story on popular news outlets in America. This is a great way for the company to get his message out there for people who have never heard about the project before.

Two views on the Pi network

Because I think it’s pretty interesting to take a look at this article talks about the dream of signing up and potentially profiting from the PI network. The article basically contrasts two opposing views. In the first view, someone in the articles is cited as saying that hunting for pi cost me nothing. Therefore it poses me no risk at all.

And another person with similar mindset is quoted as saying, if I’m lucky, I’ll get money. Otherwise, it’s just a game.

Both of these views showcases sentiment felt members of the community.

Basically the idea here is if things work out great if not Oh, well. And frankly, I don’t really see anything wrong with this belief. Because this is really what the project is about. It might be a huge gamble.

But it’s still a gamble with no risk to the participants. I mean, there’s really nothing you’re going to lose by signing up for this project.

danger of pi the potential dangers of users losing their data.

I think the word potential here is pretty important to highlight. basically may that the developers can sell our data for a quick profit.

And I just want to say really quick that of course these developers can but it doesn’t make any financial or economic sense to do so.

What data does the pi network collect?

Nevertheless, I think this is a poor representation of what the project really is overall, pi has stated in the past that it only uses personal data in accordance to local law. They address how the data is being treated in the US and the EU, and also everywhere else. If you take a look at the pi website, it directly states that there are reasons for the data collection policy. This is because of anti money laundering laws, no your client laws and also counter terrorist financing laws.

Can it possible to trust the pi network?

This is pretty common for companies to do, especially when they deal with cryptocurrencies and also money. Therefore, based on these arguments, it still makes a lot of sense to sign up for the PI network. This is because you don’t lose any data, you don’t lose any money, and you barely lose any time because it only takes about 10 seconds every single day. And also that the PI network hasn’t done anything to raise any sort of alarm bells and people. We also can’t forget that the pi community company is a multi million dollar company. And there’s really no incentive for them to steal our data for a quick buck when the money really comes in from the release of pi. If you really think about it, why would these developers go through all that trouble to steal your data, I think this app is no more dangerous than Facebook, Google or any other company. The problem with a lot of these articles is that they don’t really do a lot of research.

PI network privacy

Although the expert here probably knows a lot about other things. He knows very little about the PI network. And the sad part here is that this is the only news outlet that ever mentioned pi so far. I think that company has an interesting story worth mentioning. Imagine the New York Times or The Washington Post picked up a story about the PI network that news outlets will eventually have to get past some screen time especially if it keeps on getting bigger and bigger this can be huge for people like us. It’s also mindful for your phone and and wants a button online marketplace. etn coins was marketed on TV and also partner with freelance websites like any test on these websites, you can basically pay it at end coins. However, the issue with the coin is it just made much more sense to use the dollar instead. cryptocurrency is no doubt better than via cash, but it has to make people’s lives easier, not harder.

The impact of news media on pi

pi can benefit a lot from leveraging popular news outlets, and it can also benefit from Sharon’s vision on television where it can reach millions of people in one go. Another thing is that the pie community company is likely to have a lot of money from investors and money will be well spent reinvested into the business through marketing. This can go into improving the quality of the video they release back to its members. Most of the videos released by the PI network I just made from using a cell phone. Although I enjoy the more accessible look. I think it’d be nice to see high quality videos with a good camera better audio and a simple breakdown of the project.

Because of this, they pretty much created a brand based on simplicity and also elegance. And from this, they’re able to sell products at a massive premium compared to other brands. Now, I don’t think the pi network should behave exactly like apple.

I know these developers are extremely smart. And I think this will help the network attract new members who value these things. The next thing the PI network can do is to improve their user interface.

When you compare pi to other crypto apps, you can see that other apps actually looked better than the pi network.

Design of pi application

 The design and pi looks russian has not changed since initial release of the project.

best interest of the network to update the design of the application, the developers have spent a lot of time perfecting the back end, but also might be wise to perfect the front end of the project as well. Another thing that the networking picks up are small issues on their website, the website is often the first thing that people look at when they Google the pie network. And they think the website can benefit a lot by including more relevant information.

Pi network white paper

One thing you will notice on the white paper, which is a comprehensive guide about the project is that it still hasn’t been updated since March 14 of 2019.

It’s almost been two years and the white paper still hasn’t been updated. The developers here should periodically update the white paper to give us more information about the project, I would love to see a version two of the white paper in the future with updated information of where the project is.

Now, I say this because there’s a lot of things on the white paper that are pretty much irrelevant. Now, for example, the price of bitcoin is much higher than what they mentioned on the white paper. And also they never mentioned how they wanted to deal with the scalability problem on the network. They alluded to finding a solution but they haven’t updated the white paper about what they came up with. In addition to this, I would love to see official links linked in the main website, for example, some of the founders research articles, their Stanford bio etc.

I think most people don’t spend the time researching these things and then making much more accessible for those who do not. I think all these guys are pretty impressive in what they do. They were able to attend one of the best universities in the world, they were able to start up companies even before the PI network, and they also contributed to research about computer science and also networks the more transparent the company is, the more informed people will be about this project. I understand this project is developed by a small team but building a strong social media presence can really help the project grow. If anybody from the public is watching this video, consider this my application for the job. What I can say for sure right now is pi is 100%. legit. All you need to do is do a bit of digging online to see everything I mentioned in this article, I think the company is doing great job to help the project grow faster. However, I do think that making appearance on television will help the company share its idea to a massive audience.

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