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So hey everyone what exactly is happening with Shiba inu right now? It’s down 5% is the meme coin hive dying and that’s what we’re gonna be looking today with it being down 5% Shiba swap still not releasing, we have so many updates to look into. This might be your last chance, you know, to get Shiba Inu at a cheapest price. Or you know, she by you know might be in some trouble after this from what I’m seeing so far with Bitcoin being up 1% the market is either going up or down, up or down and it’s really exciting to see you know that the market is now on a steady downtrend, while Bitcoin is up so everyone is buying into bitcoin instead of other coins because they know Bitcoin is accepted as legal tender.

Should we be worried about this one?

No, I don’t think so. And the most important thing is that Dogecoin is also down by 1%. So it’s down by 20% in the past 24 hours .

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which we did see no big increases the past few days, which is not that bad.
After the announcement of legal tender it’s obvious that we’re getting you know, another spike fall so that’s completely fine from what I’m seeing so far.
past three months, you know, we’re still up we’re still very much up if you check here April 6 of 2021 Dogecoin was at five cents and now it’s at 34.
So obviously still very massive numbers in just the span of one or two months. And that’s something we need to see in such a market right now. It’s looking very good for Bitcoin for every single coin so far, because we’re seeing massive increases in just a few days.
So that’s what I’m really excited about. Hopefully, you know, she bought a new will actually follow with the new exchanges because we got more updates on this one. It’s in ranked 41 right now. So maybe meme coins are not growing. That’s because Bitcoin has the spotlight right now. And when that ends, you know, other coins will get hype as well as what we can see here is the mic as being the same but patients you know,

please keep in mind that Shiva swap is not waiting on the CEO. It’s waiting on the Pong battle audit with certic_io. So you know, if you’re telling you know, sending DMS to CEO Hey release, the swapper leaves the swap there’s nothing that can be done you know, it’s all up to certic to find the last pieces so you know, the side does not can hack against every possible style of attack, as we’ve seen with burgers swap and when burgers swap got hacked, you know, the hackers left simply nothing. They had no patience with the swap so far. They stole everything. I agree security is everything .

People keep getting antsy with sk passive aggressive ways, you know, say shytoshi kusama the team fix whatever is broken, send it back and wait like we do, while certic and digital boom stick. Again, Shiba swap. And certic has actually said that, you know, this actually does take time. They can’t look for all the errors and just the day, Sheba swaps defenses and try to crack the wall. So they’re, you know, just testing if Shiba swap is strong enough, this is how it works.
A lot of people don’t know what’s happening so far. So Shiba swap and the most important update probably this whole year for Shiba Inu is just releasing, right. And the biggest thing about this is that certic is still doing some testing, you know, so it does not get hacked. But it’s very obvious that, you know, people are very impatient with this one, because it was promised back in April. But here’s the big but now certic is looking into Shiba swap and testing, you know, so it does not get hacked ever at all, you know, well said, bro, I’d rather have it laid and lose our money from attackers out there looking for every single mobility, once it’s not like they can just, you know, add a few codes in.
It’s what is up is up that forever, right? So they’re looking for any reasons, you know, that that cannot be hacked, any line of codes .

A successful hack of shibaswap would spell the end of its success with it to take years to regain the trust of users

. So it’s better, you know, with them taking their time. And you know, one month extra is not even that bad. It’s releasing this month sometime.

I’d rather wait and have it tested rather than rush and risk losing everything don’t attack

And obviously people big investors are going to be coming in, they’re going to be putting you know, millions into this.

People are impatient losing faith in their initial investment, because swap isn’t being released overnight. And that’s why people are selling the coins. You know, this is why we’re having, you know, the flash chance. And they’re not overthinking how disastrous it would be if it was released too soon. People want it to release in April. And if it was released in April, it would get hacked and a burger swap is with buyers, by the way, and my only question is why they keep setting timeframes where it’s released and then push back. Why not just say it’s ready, and we don’t know when it will be. And they’re actually saying that well, now because they already did that apart on setting up the swap, they probably contract to the security audit to other entity. That’s why they can’t give a definite timeline since it’s out of their hands, and they just got to be patient. You know, we’re with them right now. And we’re seeing a lot of increases, you know, there’s gonna be a lot of changes in May of 2021 Dogecoin is worth .04

A small $1,000 investment in Dogecoin stock back in 2017 would now be worth 2 million. So that’s a no actually 2 billion if I if I if I understood correctly, maybe I’m wrong here, but uh, I think my No, actually that’s zero. So $2 million from $1,000. But guess what? You had to wait four years. Don’t forget that four years. How long have you been holding? And let’s be honest, most of us have been holding Shiba Inu right now for about a month or two. Most of us and that’s exactly what’s happening. Everyone is super excited for you know, $1 or one cent or 1/10 of a cent but this obviously takes time and when Shiba swappa gets released, that is gonna be a huge step. Obviously, we’re having so many bumpy rides. Right now we’re at the lowest point in crypto this year, while still being up from the start of 2021. So everyone like this would be like Sheba. And then you know, when shiba swapper Lee says actually brings a lot more people into this from what I’m seeing so far. If you don’t not know there’s a lot more updates on a bit India may move to classify Bitcoin as an asset class which would increase the price so, this must be due to what Bernie ship done before this India was you know, still in talks to ban crypto his chest up by friends ship is life changing and if they do accept Sheba, you know, because of the donation that will massively increase its price you know, now India’s flag will change to have Sheba logo in the center. Obviously people joking around but they will soon accept ship in India, hopefully, people are really excited about this one, you know, 2 trillion global crypto market cap where 90% rise in crypto users from 2018 to 2020. So, there is a big increase of new users. But what you can see here if this gets accepted, you know, Shiba Inu will be definitely first due to the nation, we gave like billions of dollars for the donation for shiba you know, the Shiba inner core supporters gave everything from what I see so far. And you know, in the isatis, India moves Bitcoin to classify it as an asset class. This also means, you know, the other cryptocurrencies will follow so, this is why Bitcoin is up so much and this is definitely just the start for Bitcoin from what I’m seeing so far. It’s definitely not dying anytime soon. Again, financial advice. El Salvador makes you know, history and crypto El Salvador is the first country to officially recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. This is the obvious news you have might have missed yesterday and we can see they also use ship but you know, over here so they are they know the British flags and any publicity is good publicity. And just doing this, you know, increases its nobility and wishes, you know, how many people know about the coin by itself using such hashtags? coin microcap, obviously, being aware of no ship being one of the most trendy coins right now, people are very excited about this one. Hopefully that will boost their economy. And everyone is super excited about this, especially coin market cap toying with having so much power over there. And so many Twitter followers out one more thing having 500k folders before the swap is like opening a brand new company with 500k confirmed pre orders. So that’s an exact thing. And things escalated very fast. Don’t expect for that to reach 0.06. And no one expected VB today to Indian or expected the delay of ship as well. But things are finally getting better. And slowly but surely, we’re reaching the price we deserve. You know, we’re going to be seeing massive updates in the following day. So this might be your final chance to get in or you can also it could be your final chance to get out so just saying out there again, not financial advice. Did you guys think that a nation was made on purpose to the fact that the Indian government had a ban on crypto trading in the ban was lifted after the nation? I think it wasn’t that showed there was a crisis in almost all parts of the world but they’re like buttering strategically choose India Hear me out. India has a big population if they renew their ban on crypto, it’s like the market cap of all cryptocurrency combined could go up and he sure about that, eventually benefiting etherium and of course Bitcoin says ship was used as a coin donated people now recognize ship where they learn more about it, it will discover other types of crypto and eventually invest a good amount. And it’s increasing market cap. Of course, when the crisis is over, India has to sort a few things out and when that happens, you know, this could be huge for Sheba. You know this donation saved millions of lives, and people are going to be thankful to the sheep community. The market cap could go at least 1.5x if India adopted cryptocurrency, officially within a few months for sure. And you know, what’s El Salvador is starting in 90 days, the next three months or the next 90 days, and the next three months should be a wild wild ride from what I’m seeing so far. Definitely do leave a like leave a comment. Do you think you it’s in the end of ship? Are you going to be selling your ship? Do let me know anyway soon until next time.

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