why we should create nfts ?

why create nft ?
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the full value of what nfts can provide for you for starters

  • if you’re a creative artist
  • if you’re actually creating work

this will let you protect your creative efforts through verifiable authenticity whoever owns your nft is actually the owner of the work that you created this was a huge problem for me when i was involved in the beginning with my music band a lot of my songs were turned into mp3s and giving away for free this was huge for me

it actually destroyed my musical career because my record label couldn’t make any money off of me and at the time they actually dropped me as an artist .

because they couldn’t make money my songs had all been turned into mp3s and given away for free now through the power of nfts you’re able to assign ownership of a digital asset very valuable if you’re a creative artist

New Commercial Product Line

the next one it gives you a new commercial product line it’s new ways for you to make money off of the art that you already make as we saw grimes the partner of elon musk raised over six million dollars through the sales of nfts of her digital art brand new commercial product line

which you can add into how you make money from your own work

Easy and affordable set up for creating and selling your work

other things you need to know is that it’s very easy and affordable to create and sell your work as nfts you will learn create your work and sell it as an nft

Lifetime Roylties

another thing that many people don’t know is that nfts can also be developed to actually pay you lifetime royalties

even if someone actually sells your nfts it is possible to build in smart contracts into the nft that if the person that you sold the nft to actually sells it to someone else you can get a piece of the royalties from the sale of that work to someone else

this is very very powerful technology that’s built and can be added to nfts

creating multiple streams of income

a lot of people don’t realize how powerful it is to have multiple streams of income if you’re used to getting paid by the hour you have a job you can only make money off of the 24 hours that you have in a day and in fact they need to sleep eight hours then you can make money from the other hours of the day .

but there’s only one version of you there’s only one you and it’s linear you can only work so much and you get paid per hour when you create multiple streams of income

there’s many things that are actually bringing you money and this is one way that these nfts

because you can create multiple nfts which are making money for you while you’re making new nfts so you can create multiple streams of income and the

NFT Promote your work Automaticly

nfts enable you to promote your work automatically 24 hours a day seven days a week to a global audience .

if you actually have your work and you start selling it through the various marketplaces your pieces are available for purchase in these global marketplaces and people around the world are being in contact and seeing your work 24 hours a day seven days a week very powerful use of why you should actually create nfts

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