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will safemoon hit 1 $ ?

I think this is one of the biggest question people have right now and I wanted to run a bit of a calculation to see if this price point is even possible.

Safemoon popularity

This article is going to be helpful for people who already own a bit of safe moon or are thinking about buying more safe moon is a deflationary cryptocurrency that’s been popular on social media platforms are YouTube and Tiktok.

Stay tuned because I believe in that company. You can see here that the coin hit an all time high just a couple of weeks ago, and people are now wondering if that currency can ever bounce back to that level.

Now depending on when you purchase a token, your portfolio may be up over 100% or down more than 50%. And with this video, I want to show you guys that none of that really matters at least in the long term.

Since the presence statements, there was a ton more room to grow. Regardless of what condition your portfolio might be in right now I want to show you guys why it makes sense to hold on to your coins for the long run instead.

To give you guys a straightforward example of why holding is good.

Let’s take a look at something like Bitcoin. I hope you guys remember the crypto boom of late 2017. This is huge for the cryptocurrency community back then. And for those who are unfamiliar, you can see a chart of the price action here. The price of bitcoin hit an all time high as people are converting their mortgages into bitcoin. And in January, people are cashing out their portfolio while others were left behind.

Will history repeat itself?

Now calling the whole thing a scam, the price of bitcoin went from about $20,000 to a low of just $3,000 last year before hitting an all time high again of $60,000. This year, I wanted to quickly talk about this to prove the point that you just never really know of cryptocurrencies in general, but holding always tends to be the better move. For Bitcoin. If you had mistakenly purchase a currency at the top back in 2017, you would have to wait four years to recoup your loss of about 85%.

And with just one more additional year of holding, you would see a return of about 300%. with St. Louis, I think we can apply the same concept if you’re sitting at a loss right now, there’s always a chance for short term volatilities with something like safe moon.

However, if you hold on to the coin long enough, I think there’s a very low chance of you losing your money from this project. But before we talk about why that is his first talk about the potential price of saving in the future because I think that’s what most of you guys clicked on in this video for in the first place segment currently has a market cap of $2.2 billion.

Your market cap is the number of tokens available multiplied by the price of each token. In the case of salesman the numbers are on $2.2 billion dollars.

This is pretty much unheard of for a small project launched just a couple months ago and the amount of money invested in the Save moon now rivals of large cryptocurrency projects and also the market cap of many publicly traded companies. I wanted to mention this because I’m going to be messing around with the market cap assignment to estimate the future price of safe moon. And basically what would the price of safe moon tokens be if it had the same market cap as something like Bitcoin or Dogecoin there’s no possible way for me to promise you guys I statement is going to be able to hit the market cap of something like Bitcoin or Dogecoin. But let’s pretend imagine for a second the cryptocurrency has already proven so many people wrong so far, and if Dogecoin can reach a market cap of more than $50 billion why not safe moon statement is currently the 59th most capitalized token in the world. It sits between stack and OKB with a market cap of $2.265 billion.

The token has already surpassed expectations and it has already made a name for itself among 1000s of other tokens. Personally, I always thought this was surprising considering how hard it is for us to purchase save money in the US, you need to open up a trust Wallet account by by Nance smart tokens go into pancake swap in exchange for tokens or sacred coins. You can check out the full tutorial here. But with so much complexity, it’s crazy that Saipan already has more than 1.5 million wallet holders. And this number is increasing every single day. Let’s imagine that the market cap was safe in one day reaches something like Bitcoin or ethereum or Dogecoin.

What would the price of the token be worth then I exported the market cap of Bitcoin Ethereum and dove into an Excel worksheet.

safemoon hit 1 usd

Safemoon circulation

After this I divided the market cap of these coins by the number of statement tokens in circulation are about 587 trillion coins.

From this calculation, we can see that safe haven tokens will not be able to reach one penny even if at the same market cap is something like Bitcoin.

Safemoon profit

Instead, safemoon would only be valued at 1/10 of a penny, even at 1/10 of a penny.

This still represents a huge potential growth of at least 45,657% from the current price to show you guys what this means. Let’s say you have $1 of saved moon, this $1 would turn into $457. And for from, we can see that with $10, you would have about $4,566. With $100, you would have about $45,000. And with about $1,000 of the safe moon tokens, you would have about $456,000 keep in mind that this is unlikely to happen. And this would pretty much be the best case scenario if everything goes according to plan.

Even if statement is never able to hit a market cap of $1 trillion, you would still see a good amount of growth if the investment hit the same market cap is something like Dogecoin I think this is the more likely scenario that the reasons don’t one and segment are pretty similar. This means that if you invest just one dollars into save moon, that dollar would turn into $22.

And if you invest $1,000 into save moon that money would turn into $22,000 we can’t forget that Dogecoin has already been out for seven years already and safe moon has only been out for a couple of months, there’s still a ton of things that can happen to save moon and that by no means that you’re buying early and that save one is a pretty solid bet.

The statement also makes it unfavorable for users to sell their tokens. The coin automatically charges users temporary

for selling or buying the cryptocurrency, half of this tax goes into a liquidity pool and the other half is distributed into your wallet.

With this economic structure volatility might not be a bad thing in the long run for holders after each big drop in price, more coins will end up in your hands.

Even with all we talked about so far, I would still recommend people not to buy segment tokens at the top. This is a general rule that I have with almost all investments.

If you really want to you can but be prepared to stomach a potential loss of almost 50%. Nevertheless, in the long term, I think there will be people out there who will continue to buy safe moon for a long time to come.

safemoon chart

Do you have to keep your safemoon tokens?

This small project was featured on by Yahoo Finance Seeking Alpha where millions of people are now getting familiar with the token, the next pump unsaved boom, I make the previous high look tiny in comparison. Personally, I think the coin has had enough media coverage to sustain its price at the current level. Basically, I would say that if your portfolio is down because of the safe moon, you should simply hold on to the coin. Even if other people are selling the token, it’s really no big deal. If you take a look at the bigger picture. Very rarely do you get an opportunity like this and my plan is to invest a couple $100 into these coins and other projects every single week. Make sure to check out my discord if you want to see opportunities like safe moon before the coin actually blows up.

In the end, I think most people are going to be able to earn their money back and even potentially make a life changing amount of money from this project in the future.

However, you do need to adjust your thinking to realize what this project really is.

Saving is a relatively new project, you simply don’t know what the price will break out. And it’s also an investment with a good risk to reward ratio.

Recommendations about safemoon

Keep in mind investing to safe moon is still gambling only deposit what you can afford to lose. We all know that the currency is extremely volatile, is developed by a small team of creators and although I doubt the creators will commit fraud of any type this project is still nevertheless high risk. So far, you might have lost or gained a bit of money with safe moon or regardless, I think those who hold on to the coin throughout the years are going to be the ones who truly benefit from this project. In the remainder of this video, I want to quickly go over the reason audit of safe moon.

In the newly released audit safemoon report

In the newly released audit report we can see that auditors find a total of 13 issues with the currency. The biggest issue with the coin flag by the auditor is the centralization problem. Over time the creators of the safe man will accumulate a larger and larger portion of the statements apply the 10% tax distribute coins into the hands of holders and also into a liquidity pool. And the concerns by the auditor is that the liquidity pool could be accessed by the developers that could hypothetically sell this amount and kill the liquidity of the coin leave with millions of dollars will our coins are potentially useless. Since this report the creators of safe moon have now fixed this issue.

They have now restricted access into these liquidity pools and locked the accounts for four years via unigroup. The developers will have access into these counts after four years but for now these accounts are locked out completely paid the developers they wanted to do this in order to have some control over the project in the future.

This allows the creators to burn the token if needed or to use a token to fund their business.

I personally think that the founding members of this project is unlikely to commit fraud just because of the legal liabilities of doing so the team and safe moon are already making millions from legit means it doesn’t make sense for them to risk the years in prison for a couple million dollars more you have to keep in mind that centralization is not new in the world of cryptocurrency either. The ripple company controls most of the XRP supply and has been releasing coins to help the project grow or to preserve the value of its token.

Overall, I think safe Moon is a calculated gamble if done correctly, I’m going to only invest a couple $100 into this project each week and hold on to these tokens no matter what I really do believe that those who hold on to these tokens the longest are going to be the ones who truly benefit from this project.

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